Island of Aphrodite

The mythology of Cyprus is entwined with the godess of love and beauty.

According to Hesiodus in Theogony, Kronos mutilated his father Uranus and threw his remains in the sea. A white foam formed and from there emerged a beauifu maiden with golden hair, Aphrodite. The location is now know as Rock of Aphrodite or Petra tou Romiou.

When the beautiful godess set foot on the land beautiful flowers, anemones and kapparis, bloomed. Until now they still blossom betwween the rocks in Pafos. From then on Cyprus became her favourite island.

It is also in Cyprus where the love affair between Aphrodite and Adonis took place. While hunting in Akamas, Adonis stopped for a drink of water at a small grotto when he first saw the godess naked taking her bath. It was love at first sight! This spot is still known as 'Baths of Aphrodite'. A picturesque grotto not far from the sea where she would bathe after her swim in the sea at another beautiful location, Fontana Amoroza

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