Cyprus is a small country but a large island, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, offering the perfect climate for year round sailing.

The island offers something for all tastes, from lively resorts to quaint, traditional villages, from pine-clad mountains where one can ski in winter to sandy beaches and secluded bays, from ancient civilizations to cosmopolitan cities, from nature trails to adventure sports, from 5* resorts to agrotourism.

On this island everything reminds of the goddess Aphrodite , gardens that exude aromas of lemon blossoms and jasmin, valleys with numerous almond trees, silvergreen olive trees, apple and cherry trees, pine forests and beautiful coastlines with golden beaches. The people are also harmoniously entwined with the setting. Warmhearted people with a big welcoming smile.

Cyprus history is too long to give a brief review. Its strategic location at the crossroads of 3 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa) and the islands wealth in precious metals and produce determined even from the ancient years its turbulent historical fate.

The island itself is a historical and ethnografical museum where the visitor can travel back in time and admire the unique, cultural mosaic composed by prehistoric settlements, ancient Greek temples, Byzantine churches with exquisite mosaics and murals, crusaders' castles, gothic churches and venetian forts.

Cyprus is located:

  • 100km West of Syria
  • 75km North of Turkey
  • 380km North of Egypt
  • 270km West of Kastellorizon

Total area covered: 9.251

Length: 225km (from the Eastern to the Western most point)

Width: 94km (at the widest point)

Population: 700.000 approximately

Divided in 6 districts:

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