Discover Fontana Amoroza

Fontana Amoroza is a stunning bay, part of the Akamas Peninsula about 1.5 miles SE of Cape Arnauti.

Legends say that this was the spot where Goddess Aphrodite would swim and truly she could not have picked a more majestic place!

Here you can truly unwind and enjoy nature since Akamas is a national park and absolutely no development is allowed. Relax, swim, fish, explore the area and sea caves until you can take it no more.

The water is turquoise blue hence the name Blue Lagoon, a small bay next to Fontana Amoroza. The Blue Lagoon is where all the tourist day trip boats stop for a swim and lunch. Do not anchor there though for the night as it is not as protected as Fontana Amoroza.

Fontana Amoroza offers protection from W , S and E. Care needs to be taken of a shallow patch at the N of the bay. Anchor in 5-6m on sand near the S end.

Depth 2.5 average go from Fontana Amoroza to Akrotiri Bay