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New Limassol Marina by 2001

Finally the Limassol marina has been approved and contracts have been signed between the government and company created for developing the marina. The constuctions will commence approximately in 6 months and will be completed in 3 years.

The total cost for the project is estimated at 170 million Euro. This marina will have it all! Small islands (Dubai style) will be created on which villas will be built with swimming pools and private docks for the owners' yachts. There will also be restaurants, recreation areas, parks, shops and a helicopter pad.

The marina will be built to the West of the old port and will be connected by a pedestrian bridge. The total sea area covered will be 170.000 Sq m and another 50.000 sq m of land area. It will accommodate up to 1000 yachts.

It is aimed that the marina will upgrade Cyprus touristic product and will put Cyprus on the yachting world map.

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