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Here you will find sailing tips and sailing basics. Learn all about wind directions, points of sail and many, many more...

Lesson 1

Knowing the direction from which the Wind is blowing is one of the basics of Sailing. Points of Sailing refer to the course of the Sailboat in relation to the direction of the Wind. You need to make the necessary adjustment in the Sails so the Sailboat will go to its destination.

The different Points of Sailing:

  • No-Sail Zone
  • This is the point directly upwind of the Sailboat. The Sails cannot generate power since the boat is pointed too close to the Wind. When the Wind is coming from where you want to go, you will be forced to follow a zigzag course. The Sail will be flapping like a flag. The closest you can get is 40-45º of the direction of the Wind. If the Sailboat goes within the 45º, the Sails shake and the boat stops.

  • Close Reach
  • At this point, the Sailboat is 20º away from the close-hauled area. This is an upwind angle between Close-Hauled and Beam Reach.

  • Beam Reach
  • Most Sailboats are fastest when on this point. The Sailboat is known to be on a Beam Reach if the Wind is directly blowing over the side of the Sailboat, or it is steered at right angles to the Wind.

  • Broad Reach
  • This is the point wherein the Wind comes over the port of the boat, or the Wind comes behind the Sailboat at an angle.

  • Running
  • At this point, the Sailboat is directly sailing downwind.

  • Close-Hauled
  • This is the point where boats are sailed very near the Wind.

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