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Sailing with children - Kids Ahoy!

Sailing is a hobby, sport, way of life that the whole family can enjoy together.

One of the most common worries on board is of one of the crew members falling overboard. We worry even more if it envolves one of our children - not only for the duration of the journey but also when anchored.

So extra precaution must be taken to make sure this doesn't happen. One of the most common and practical solutions is to put a protective net from stern to bow. Another solution are safety harnests combined with a lifejacket - make sure that the lifejacket is the correct size otherwise it might slip off incase of falling in the sea or injure the child.

Rules must be set regarding safety early on and must be kept.

Holidays on board is not only about endless hours of games in the sea and beach. It envolves also may hours at sea which for some children is fun while for others it is very tiresome - every child is different. However it is important to keep them preoccupied as they don't have the patience that adults have. Make the space-cabin the child will be staying homely, like his/her room at home. Bring his favourite toys, sheets and equipment. Also once again pay attention to safety so he/she doesn't fall out of bed.

Babies on board are quite easy, all they need is their favourite toys, enough sleep and the proper temperature (not too cold - not too warm). Preschoolers need more toys, books, CD, drawing colors to fill their hours.

Things change as children grow older. They search for ways to get involved with the duties on board.

One of the favourite passtimes when anchored is the dingy! Many hours of fun are involved with the dingy. They can row or drive it giving them captain's responsibility of their little boat. Another favourite is fishing. Apart of hours of fun it may also provide dinner if lucky!

Yachting can be enjoyed by the whole family. An experience which will bring you closer. An experience that will stay with you for life!

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